Development Process

Step 1 "Product Discovery"     First we sit down and discuss the project. We go over ideas and make lists of what is needed to fulfill the needs of the client. Our staff will help asses the requirements, go over possible directions to take the project and highlight areas of concern. We are always mindful of the cost to develop a project but because we specialize in the design and building of new products, we can only estimate costs to complete a project.

Step 2 "Product Design"     When both parties are satisfied with the lists of requirements and direction to begin the project, drawings can be made and submitted for approval. At this time, adjustments can be made to the project.

Step 3 "Building the Prototype"     Once an approach is approved, then the project can begin. Depending on the requirements of the project we can design circuit boards, develop software packages, build mechanical components, or analyze the current equipments function.

Step 4 "Product Testing"     Throughout the design and production stages, our staff tests each prototype. We keep a careful log of how the job is progressing and keep the client informed on our progress.

Step 5 "Product Manufacturing"     Not all clients need this step, but we are here to help if your project does. Our staff is available to help with small production runs or to help bridge the gap between prototype and large plant production. We have good working relationships with many manufacturers and would be glad to introduce our clients to the appropriate company for volume production.