Past Projects

          We are a small team at Adaptive Instruments and provide high quality services. To ensure this we only take on a handful of projects a year. We believe this gives you the best value for your money, while allowing us to give you full support. For more information.

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Oximeter
  • Dental light
  • Blood warmer
  • Exercise equipment
  • Sensor for header height on a combine
  • Chemical dispenser
  • Field calculation for a bio-reaction
Food Service
  • Pressure cooker that simultaneously smokes food
  • Temperature controller on deep fat fryers
  • Milko tester interface
  • Ph probes
  • Plastic pipe fusing system
  • Single phase to three phase converter
  • Molten metal pumping systems
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Cable test equipment
  • Circuit board test equipment
  • Tennis ball serving machine
  • Trailer braking system
  • Shock absorber analysis
  • Turbine engine temperature monitor
  • Motor speed controllers
  • Salt spreader processor for road salt spreaders on trucks
  • Spectral gamma well logging
  • High temperature (350F) power supply for oil well pump data transmission
  • High resolution well logging temperature tool
  • Pipeline data loggers for diameter measurements
  • Pipeline data loggers for flux leakage measurements
  • Software to correlate GPS and inertial pipeline position